Trend Cable

This range of cables has been designed for use on Trend control systems. The Trend BMS/BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) are aimed at the commercial sector with a focus on reducing energy consumption and CO² emissions. This is done through the control of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and more. Markets include education, healthcare, data centres, retail, sport & leisure as well as in offices and commercial buildings.

  • High-quality alternative to genuine Belden
  • Suitable for Trend Systems
  • LSZH sheath
  • Cut to length
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To support the Trend systems, this range of alternative to belden cables are all LSHF (Low Smoke Halogen Free) with a violet outer sheath.

CPR-Compliant options are available for this cable and are indicated in the product table. For the latest information on CPR for Cables, you can visit our dedicated CPR Explained web page. We have created a series of short CPR to break down all the significant areas and have updated our ‘CPR for Cables’ guide, available for you to download.

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CABLES HOUSE Cables & Wires Trading LLC

Cables House Cables & Wires Trading LLC Dubai. United Arab Emirates
Tinned copper stranded conductor 16(9) AWG, LSHF insulation, twisted into a pair, LSHF violet sheath.
Tinned copper conductor 22(7) AWG, polyethylene insulation, black & white conductors, twisted pair, aluminium/polyester foil screen, tinned copper drain wire, LSHF violet sheath.
Tinned copper conductor 22(7) AWG 0.35mm², polypropylene insulation, red/black & green/white conductors, twisted into pairs, each pair aluminium/polyester foil screened, common tinned copper drain wire (24AWG), LSHF violet sheath.
Tinned copper conductor 24(7) AWG 0.22mm², polyethylene insulation, twisted into pairs, overall aluminium/polyester foil screened, tinned copper drain wire (24AWG), overall tinned copper braid (90%). LSHF violet sheath.
Voltage Rating: 300V
CE: 450/750V†
Temperature Rating: +60°C
Capacitance: core to core core to screen
1601PUYH06 108pF/m N/A
2201POFPH06 79pF/m 154pF/m
2202PIFRH06 115pF/m 203pF/m
2401POHPH06 42pF/m 76pF/m


† Applies to CE marked FSC branded stock only.