Thermocouple Cable PVC

Thermocouple cables carry a signal from a thermocouple probe to the temperature measuring unit to provide a temperature reading. Available screened or unscreened these cables are designed for use up to 105°C.
As standard they are supplied following the European colour code system.

Replace the blanks in the part code (__) with the thermocouple designation required. Please note, you won’t be able to amend the part number using the ‘Get Quote’ forms below, but please submit the one you require and we will contact you shortly after.

KX = Kx KB = KCB JX = Jx TX = Tx EX = Ex NX=Nx RC = RCA SC = SCA

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.

  • 105°C Rated
  • ANSI colour code available
  • Parallel twin versions can be supplied


Unscreened: Stranded conductors, PVC insulation, PVC sheath
Screened: Stranded conductors, PVC insulation, aluminium/polyester foil and Tcu drain wire, PVC sheath



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CABLES HOUSE Cables & Wires Trading LLC

Cables House Cables & Wires Trading LLC Dubai. United Arab Emirates
Voltage Rating:  300/500V
Operating temperature: -20°C to +105°C
Design Standard: EN 60584-3