RF LLF Hiflex & RF LLF Offshore Marine Approved Corrugated Coax Cables DNV-GL

The NEK range of DNV-GL approved low loss corrugated coax cables have been designed for use in offshore environments. They offer similar performance to the popular CommScope® Andrew® HELIAX® Corrugated Coaxial Low Loss Foam Dielectric Cables with the added benefits of a low smoke halogen free sheath and DNV-GL approval required for marine applications.

  • DNV-GL approved
  • Fully compliant to IEC
  • SHF1, SHF2 and SHF2-MUD NEK 606 sheaths
  • LSZH throughout

Available as a 50Ohm low loss feeder cable and as a highly flexible jumper cable, all cables have been independently tested by DNV-GL and have an SHF1 low smoke halogen free sheath as standard. They are ideally suited for use on yachts, boats and larger commercial ships and meet the highest IEC standards including IEC 60096-0-1Ed 3, IEC 60092-3 & IEC 60332-3-22 Cat.A.

Heavy duty SHF2 sheathed versions are available for installations where the risk of oil and chemical exposure is high. Both types are Low Smoke Halogen Free and flame retardant to IEC60332-3-22 Cat.A.

NEK 606 MUD resistant versions are also available for use on Oil Rigs & Drilling Ships to provide resistance to drilling MUD and chemicals

Exclusive distributor of NEK Kabel AS and NEK Sealine products.

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