Hi-Flex HF-100 Unscreened Cable

Abrasion on cables that are constantly flexing is becoming a much more widespread problem. To overcome this, FS Cables have introduced the HF-100 range of polyurethane sheathed cables which will outlast conventional PVC sheathing.

  • Low friction polyurethane sheath for abrasion resistance
  • Fleece tapes and talcum to strengthen the core bundle
  • Wide range of sizes

The low friction polyurethane sheath resists wear caused by constant rubbing either in a cable chain or where free movement brings the cable into contact with part of the machine. Suitable for use in cable chains as well as for free movement the HF-100 range will provide a long term solution to many regular flexing applications.

HF-100 uses fleece tapes and talcum to enable the core bundle and, where appropriate, the screening braid to move as the cable flexes. This reduces the stress imposed on the conductors and braid.

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.


Very fine copper wire strands to BS 6360 Class 6. Black polyolefin insulation with white numbers. A green/yellow earth core is included in cables with more than 2 cores. Cores twisted in layers & fleece taped. Textured grey polyurethane sheath to RAL 7001.


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Voltage Rating:
Working: 300/500V
Test: 3000V
Temperature Rating:  Flexing: -30°C to +80°C
Bending Radius: Flexing: 5 x cable diameter
Current Rating: Refer to IEE Regs Table 4F3A&B
Conductor Stranding: To BS 6360 Class 6 & VDE 0295 Table 4