Flare Stack Cable

Cabling flare stacks present huge challenges due to the extreme environmental conditions. Many factors need taking into consideration including high temperatures, flame exposure, salt water spray, chemical vapour, extreme UV exposure and high voltages.

  • Temperature Resistant
  • High Voltage Options
  • Options Manufactured To Meet your Needs
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At FSC we appreciate that every flare stack has its own unique set of requirements which requires a special cable, often we will produce these to meet your specific needs however some are available from stock.

**This range of Flare Stack cables are only offered to customers outside of the UK**.

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Data & Bus Flow Meter Cables

Data and Bus protocols including RS-485, Cat 5E & Cat 6, Profibus, Fieldbus and Modbus commonly found in onshore applications are now being used by the offshore industry for process control and data transfer. Due to extreme environments the cables are often required with enhanced performance.The FSC Global range of data and bus cables are available with mechanical armouring and chemical/MUD resistant jackets to NEK 606. Most versions are available with Lloyds or DNV approval. Fluoropolymer versions are also available for high temperature applications.


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Ignition voltage options range between 4kV-25kV and utilise a wide range of high performance materials including mica glass and fluoropolymers to meet temperature and ignition peak demands.
Most designs are single conductor, additional electrical screens can be incorprated to prevent electrical interference corrupting other data monitoring on the stack. For increased safety two conductor versions can be produced incorporating an exciter wire and clean earth return. Where mechanical damage is a risk stainless steel braids can be applied to armour the cable whilst maintaining flexibility. When temperatures exceed +260°C Inconel ® sheathed cables can be supplied.
To obtain a quote for the ignition cable you require, please send us a specification or supply us the following information:
  • Conductor size & stranding
  • Voltage rating
  • Screening required
  • Armour/mechanical protection
  • Operating temperature
  • Wet or dry environment
  • Quantity required
  • Date required
Please provide us with a brief description of the application and environment.
Temperature control plays an important function in controlling flare emissions so accurate data feedback is essential. Thermocouple cables are used to carry the data from the probe to the monitoring point. Whilst Kx thermocouple cables remain most popular for this application there are many other types available. To meet the demands of this specialist application the cables can be designed using fluoropolymer insulation and sheathing for high temperature applications up to +260°C. When Low Smoke Halogen Free properties are required or there is risk of MUD contamination the cables can be supplied with NEK 606 sheathing. Braid armoured options are also available.


For highly aggressive applications and temperature ranges above +260°C Inconel ®sheathed thermocouple cables can be supplied.