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ASI Bus Cable


AS-Interface two core cables provide common data and power transition through the use of a single master system. Designed to withstand industrial use the cables are manufactured from tough rubber materials. The unique polarised sheath formation provides 'right first time' termination with penetration terminals.

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.

  • Designed to withstand industrial use
  • TPE jacket
  • Available in red, black or yellow

CAN Bus Cable


CAN Bus (Control Area Network) is a non-addressable system that treats all devices as equal allowing for fast transmission of data. Due to its robust nature, it has been widely adopted in the automotive industry. While all the types listed below are for high flexing automation applications, static versions can also be supplied.

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.

  • UR sheath for high flexing automation applications
  • Distinctive violet jacket
  • Fast data transmission across CAN Bus system

CAN Bus Offshore Marine Approved Bus Cable DNV-GL & ABS


CAN Bus is being used more and more in the offshore industry replacing traditional multi-pair analogue wiring. To meet the offshore ship industries needs DNV- GL & ABS approved marine grade CAN Bus cables are available from stock.

  • DNV-GL & ABS Approved
  • Fully compliant to IEC
  • SHF1, SHF2 and SHF2-MUD NEK 606 sheaths
  • LSZH throughout

CC-Link FieldLink Cable


Developed by Mitsubishi, CC-Link allows high speed communication between controllers and field devices. The CC-Link system is particularly popular in Asia and is used worldwide for time critical applications in conjunction with Mitsubishi Automation products. CC-Link is certified by CLPA and ensures product compatibility.

As a registered member of the CC-Link Partner Association, FS Cables offer a 3 core CC-Link cable for use on the CC-Link system, suitable for data rates up to 10MB/s, in either PVC or SWA (steel wire armoured) versions.

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.

  • Registered member of the CC-Link Partner Association
  • Suitable for data rates up to 10MB/s
  • PVC or SWA for external applications

DeviceNet Thick Cable


Designed for use on Allen Bradley DeviceNet™ systems, the “thick” cable construction incorporates a power and data pair for backbone wiring. Several sheathing options are available for different installation environments. These cables are also referred to as DeviceNet™ Trunk cables.

Allen Bradley DeviceNet™ is a Rockwell Automation system supported by ODVA.

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.

DeviceNet Thin Cable


“Thin” cables are designed to connect sensors, actuators and switching to the DeviceNet™ backbone (Thick cable) on the Allen Bradley DeviceNet™ system. Similar in construction to the backbone cable, the “Thin” cable incorporates a power and data pair. Several sheathing options are available for different installation environments. These cables are also referred to as DeviceNet™ Drop cables.

  • Power and data pair
  • Several sheathing options available

Why Belcable ?

Reliability Assurance

200+ precision testing equipments ensure each FS's products are tested to the exact specifications of our customer's environment with a significant level of reliability.

Cutting Edge

Belcable prominently remains on the forefront of the latest fiber optic technologies, bringing third-party options in the latest advancements in 200G, 400G, 800G, PON, and more.

Engineering Team

With more than 1000 inherent experts, we help create smart networks that
make optical operations easier, faster and more reliable.

Security Cables for safe infrastructures.

But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring The European languages.

  • New color combinations
  • High-quality materials
  • Wide selection of lenses
  • Convenient carrying case

Cable Glands for For cable management

The Purpose of Cable Glands for mechanical fittings, they form part of the electrical installation. It used to strengthen the attachments of cables with the electrical equipment to which the cable is attached.

Cable Glands Protecting From
1) The entrance out of the equipment from dust
2) From being twisted at the connecting point to the equipment

Belcable For Innovation

Benefits of PVC insulated cables

Cable with a PVC insulation or sheathing is flame retardant, which is an important consideration for electric cables in most applications. PVC can be made resistant to a wide range of chemicals including oils, acids and alkalis, and is tough, durable and resistant to abrasion.

Quality Assurance

Each product has been tested for compatibility and Performance on host devices and obtained many international certifications such as ISO, CE, RoHS, etc.

Environment Testing

All products have passed stability, compatibility and performance tests in industry authoritative-equipment to ensure high quality.

Standard Solution Test

Adopt professional instruments to solve test requirements with high quality. Verify the feasibility of the solutions in real test scenarios with abundant products and devices.

Perfect Compatibility

Our in-house coding facility programs all of our parts to standard OEM specs, and creates unique coding for customized networking solutions.