External Grade Coaxial Cable

With the increased use of CCTV in security, BMS, access control and monitoring applications the need for suitable cables to run outside or through ducts has grown. FS Cables offer an over-sheathing service for any stock product for quantities as low as 100m.

The products listed below are all stock items and have heavy additional black UV resistant polyethylene sheaths similar to those used on external telephone cables you see strung between poles or run though ducts.

  • CPR-Compliant options
  • Tough UV resistant, waterproof duct grade PE jacket
  • Ideal for running through ducts or clipped to buildings

CPR-Compliant options are available for this cable and are indicated in the product table. For the latest information on CPR for Cables, you can visit our dedicated CPR Explained web page. We have created a series of short CPR videos to break down all the significant areas and have updated our ‘CPR for Cables’ guide, available for you to download.

Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.


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