DMX cable

Developed to ensure accurate transmission of digital AES/EBU audio signals and digital DMX control signals, these cables are used extensively in the entertainment industry.

Conductor Resistance:

<87.2 Ohm/km


Core to core: 47 pF/m


110 Ohm

Test Voltage:

Core to core: 1200V Core to screen: 500V

Working Temperature:

-20ºC to +70ºC


Frequency: 1MHz: 2.3dB, 3MHz: 3.9dB, 10MHz: 6.9dB

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DMX is designed to work between 90Ohm and 120Ohm impedance. The level of shielding enables interference-free transmission even over long distances. Image representative of product style, product supplied may vary.

  • Designed to work between 90ohm and 120ohm impedance
  • High levels of shielding
  • Interference free over longer runs


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