DeviceNet Thin Cable

“Thin” cables are designed to connect sensors, actuators and switching to the DeviceNet™ backbone (Thick cable) on the Allen Bradley DeviceNet™ system. Similar in construction to the backbone cable, the “Thin” cable incorporates a power and data pair. Several sheathing options are available for different installation environments. These cables are also referred to as DeviceNet™ Drop cables.

  • Power and data pair
  • Several sheathing options available


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Power pair – Tinned copper conductors 22AWG (0.34mm² approx), PVC insulation, aluminium foil screen.

Data pair – Tinned copper conductors 24AWG (0.22mm² approx), foamed PE insulation, aluminium foil screen.

Lay-Up – Pairs laid up with a common 22AWG (0.34mm² approx) tinned copper drain wire, overall tinned copper wire braid – 65% optical coverage, PVC or CPE sheath.

Allen Bradley DeviceNet™ is a Rockwell automation system supported by ODVA.

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Voltage Rating: 150V
Temperature Rating:
Fixed: -20°C to +70°C
Flexing: 0°C to +70°C
Nominal Impedance: 100-120 Ohms
Capacitance @ 1hz: 40pF/m
Conductor Resistance @ 20°C:
Power Pair 57.4/Ohms/km
Data Pair 91.0/Ohms/km
Bending Radius:
Fixed 7.5 x cable diameter
Flexing 15 x cable diameter
Colour Code:
Power Pair Black & red
Data Pair Blue & white
Velocity of Propagation: 75% (Data Pair)
Nominal Attenuation: kHz dB/100m
125 1.0
500 1.6
1Mhz 2.3


CFS-TCWB – Collective Foil Screen, Tinned Copper Wire Braid