CAN Bus Cable

CAN Bus (Control Area Network) is a non-addressable system that treats all devices as equal allowing for fast transmission of data. Due to its robust nature, it has been widely adopted in the automotive industry. While all the types listed below are for high flexing automation applications, static versions can also be supplied.

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  • UR sheath for high flexing automation applications
  • Distinctive violet jacket
  • Fast data transmission across CAN Bus system
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Superfine plain copper conductors, foamed PE with a hard skin insulation, cores twisted into pairs, polyester tape, tinned copper wire braid, PUR sheath.



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Voltage Rating: 300V
Temperature Rating:
Fixed: -40°C to +80°C
Flexing: -30°C to +70°C
Nominal Impedance: 100-120 Ohms
Bending Radius: 15 x cable diameter
Colour Code: Brown / white & green / yellow


CFS-TCWB – Collective Foil Screen, Tinned Copper Wire Braid
ISO 11898 Standard
Cable Run Length Max. Bit Rate
1m – 40m 1MBit/s @ 40m
41m – 300m 500kBit/s @ 100m
301m – 600m 100kBit/s @ 500m
601m – 1000m 50kBit/s @ 1000m